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  • Hobby Progress: Outrider Squad Numero Dos

    Hobby Progress: Outrider Squad Numero Dos

    After I finished the Eradicators I went straight to work on my second Outrider squad but not because I needed it for my Dark Angels army. I started working on them because they were starting to really annoy me. I had bought them as loose sprues from an Indomitus set that was being sold piecemeal […]

  • Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    So November (and most of December)came and went without anything happening on this piece of internet real estate but despite the many trials and tribulations work has wrought upon me in that time I made sure to keep my hobby mojo going and I plan to start the new year strong. In regards to my […]

  • Hobby Progress: Indomitus Outriders

    Hobby Progress: Indomitus Outriders

    Painting black is one of those colors that may seem easy but in actuality it’s quite difficult to pull off well if you don’t have a solid understanding of color theory and light. One problem lies in the fact that as far as light is concerned black should only be reserved for your deepest shadows, […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Infiltrators

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Infiltrators

    Despite my recent lack of activity I can assure that I am still quite alive and active. I have several articles in the pipeline ready to go as I plan to close out 2020 strong. That being said I have a lot of things to say about these infiltrators, both good and bad. This project […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Eliminators

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Eliminators

    So for the months of March and April I was in a bit of minipainting quagmire. I had begun doing work on my competition entries for the Capital Palette 2020 at Nova Open, but with ongoing pandemic I wasn’t sure if Nova was even going to happen. As a result, any work I did was […]

  • Hobby Progress: Deredeo Dreadnought

    Hobby Progress: Deredeo Dreadnought

    So shortly before I finished the Invictor I completed my first Forgeword unit, the Deredeo Dreadnought with Anvilus Autocannon and Aiolos Missile Launcher (that’s a lot of dakka). This project was interesting because I decided to paint this unit in the colors of the Deathwing which is a paint scheme consisting of a bone colored […]

  • Hobby Progress: Invictor 2 Electric Boogaloo

    Hobby Progress: Invictor 2 Electric Boogaloo

    So at the time of writing this, the world is deep in self-quarantine due to Papa Nurgle gracing the world with a new virulent gift. However, as I am employed by a utility company I am considered an “essential” worker and thus still commute to work 4 days a week. There was a lot of […]

  • Hobby Progess: Invictor Tactical Warsuit

    Hobby Progess: Invictor Tactical Warsuit

    So after a hectic holiday season I got back to the paint station and banged out an Invictor Tactical Warsuit in just a few weeks, which is pretty quick by my standards. However, there were a few disasters that occurred and let’s just say I am going to do several things differently for the next […]

  • WIP: Dark Talon

    WIP: Dark Talon

    So I’m still alive but only barely as Papa Nurgle has seen fit to bless me with a raspy throat and difficulty breathing. Nonetheless, I trudged forward and put a ton of work into the Ravenwing Dark Talon. Since the beginning of October I not only cleaned and assembled the Dark Talon I’m almost done […]

  • Showcase: Dark Angels Hellblasters

    Showcase: Dark Angels Hellblasters

    So I finally finished these Hellblasters that I started about a year ago. That’s right, these guys have been sitting on my workbench basecoated and highlight for almost a year. I could tell they’ve been there that long because the metallic paint that was on them was P3 Pig iron, a paint I stopped using […]