Hobby Progress: Outrider Squad Numero Dos

After I finished the Eradicators I went straight to work on my second Outrider squad but not because I needed it for my Dark Angels army. I started working on them because they were starting to really annoy me. I had bought them as loose sprues from an Indomitus set that was being sold piecemeal off Ebay and for a while now they have just been in my way constantly because they have no box and thus they just kind of migrate around my workspace. Not the greatest reason to start a project but it got my butt in gear at least.

Since I had done a squad of outriders recently, all I had to do was replicate what I did previously (which you can check out here). So all of the major colors were the same for the weapons, armor, parchment, leather, skin, metallics, Aquila and chapter symbols. And the base was done in the same way I have almost all of my previous bases (see here for the process).

That being said, there were two things I decided to try out that were new this time around and both are centered on the the wheels. The last time I painted the wheels I picked a dark grey at random and then drybrushed them with a lighter blue grey color that I mixed by adding some blue to the dark grey and I was very pleased with the result. The only problem is that I neglected to write down what colors I used. Instead of trying to guess at what I used last time I busted out the wheels and tires paint triad from Secret Weapon Minis that I got from the Minipainting Discord Secret Santa last year, courtesy of one AdamK who is an absolute legend. The consistency of the paint is similar to that of Vallejo Game Color and is a little satin in finish but the colors worked well. All I had to do for the tires was base in Tire Black and then do progressive drybrushes with Rubber and then Rubber highlight.

The second thing I did to the tires was use some weathering powders, and if you couldn’t tell by the photos I used a powder that was far too bright compared to the basing scheme color. Despite the poor color choice, it was an excellent chance to learn how to use weathering powders because if you look back at all of my previous works I don’t weather anything at all. I used a Vallejo pigment I had from a set I got a while back and applied it to the model using a beat up flat brush that I use for drybrushing. I went heavy with the powder because I wasn’t sure how much would still be noticeable after I fix it to the model and after a coat of varnish. The actual fixing or binding of the powder to the model was pretty simple because I had some Scale 75 fixer which was designed to do just that, all I had to do was use a large synthetic brush and dab on the liquid to the powder allowing capillary action to do wet the powder. The fixer worked great but I have plans to test other solvents I have to see if they’ll do the same thing but at a more reasonable cost because the bottle I have isn’t very large.

So with the Outriders out of the way I can now move on to other projects I have planned. One very large project is a decent force of Imperial Guard that I am painting for the All Out War Challenge on the Minipainting discord. I got 50 models ranging from infantry to Leman Russ tanks from my friend Amon that I need to paint in the Nova Albion desert scheme. Also, I have a Feirros I converted to a DA techmarine and dwarf fighter from Atlantis miniatures that I hope to paint up to a more display level because I hate myself and this is how I show it.

Till next time.

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