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  • Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    So November (and most of December)came and went without anything happening on this piece of internet real estate but despite the many trials and tribulations work has wrought upon me in that time I made sure to keep my hobby mojo going and I plan to start the new year strong. In regards to my […]

  • Hobby Progess: Invictor Tactical Warsuit

    Hobby Progess: Invictor Tactical Warsuit

    So after a hectic holiday season I got back to the paint station and banged out an Invictor Tactical Warsuit in just a few weeks, which is pretty quick by my standards. However, there were a few disasters that occurred and let’s just say I am going to do several things differently for the next […]

  • WIP: Dark Angel Inceptors

    Here we are at the end of 2018 and although I’m not quite keeping up with the progress of my army, progress is nonetheless is being made. So above is the most complete inceptor I have done so far, but as with all things I have learned a few things while working on these guys. […]