Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

So November (and most of December)came and went without anything happening on this piece of internet real estate but despite the many trials and tribulations work has wrought upon me in that time I made sure to keep my hobby mojo going and I plan to start the new year strong. In regards to my job a lot of things happened; I got a new supervisor (and so did a lot of other people), I studied for and narrowly passed my promotion exam and then dealt with the yearly inventory that I had to do by myself. Though weary from all that I managed to finish two projects for the my Dark Angels army, the first being the current hotness for space marines which are the Eradicators.

So the colors used in the paint job is the same one I’ve used for the last several projects. For the green armor you can check out the Invictor post here. The silver metallic sections were done using my usual Scale 75 Black metal and Thrash metal with the brass section done with Viking gold. The red section done using a fairly new color AK Interactive Wine red which in my eyes is really good match for Citadel Khorne Red. The chest aquila and purity seals were done with Citadel Zandri Dust and Usabti bone with an Agrax Earthshade wash, I’m still experimenting to find other paints and colors that could be used for a cooler parchment (so far Deck Tan from vallejo is yielding good results). The leather on the Eradicators was done the same way as the leather on the Outriders (here) and so far I am really liking this particular recipe for the leather bits on my Dark Angels. Any edge highlighting on the green armor was down with Vallejo Flat Green and Lime Green instead pf the Scale 75 paints because I find Scale 75 paints a little difficult to edge highlight with due to the gel medium.

As far as trying new things, I took the opportunity to try the decals I received from the forgotten chapters kickstarter earlier this year. They’re pretty high quality transfers with a lot of designs with my favorite being the ones meant to go on parchment or purity seals as they have tiny yet legible bits of text on them. If you look closely on the Sergeants weapon, the scroll detail on it actually says “Repent” in gothic lettering. If you want to get your own decals from forgotten chapter you can check them out here: https://www.forgottenchapters.eu/

Aside from that, the eradicators were actually a pretty bog standard paint job. I pretty much have my green paint scheme for Dark Angels nailed down so going forward I don’t have to guess or experiment with paints anymore. However, the same cannot be said for the Deathwing paint scheme which is a bone color scheme but I don have some ideas for it which involves the use of AK interactive streaking Grime and a lot of Q-tips. But those tests will have to wait until I finish the techmarine converted from Feirros and the dwarf fighter from Atlantis miniatures I have set up for an attempt at display level quality.

Till Next Time

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