And So It Begins


Why is this here?

As you can probably tell from the above picture, I’m not the greatest mini painter. But if you look close enough, you might notice that one space marine looks a bit better than the other one, and that’s why we are here. To forever document my arduous journey to not suck at this niche yet deep and consuming hobby. Because in order to be good at something I need to suck at it first …..that and I don’t really have much else to do. So don’t be surprised to see a random battle report, or review or something as I’m still a wargamer at heart.

Current Goals and Challenges

Alright, so I made it clear that I intend on getting better at this whole painting minis thing, but what’s the plan? I recently attend the Nova Open, a tabletop wargaming convention that takes place every labor day weekend in Washington D.C. area. There I saw all kinds of models which you can view here courtesy of Feed Your Nerd Greggle’s Tabletop.

Apart from ogling all the expertly painted models ( in particular the entries for the Capital Palette )I also took several painting classes with the likes of Vince Venturella, Shoshie, and Stiff Neck Studios. All of that lit a fire in me and since then painting miniatures has occupied most of my brain space. So shortly after getting home I decided on two things I wanted to accomplish. First, to take part in the Warhammer 40k Narrative game at Nova Open 2019. Second, to submit my own entry into the Capital Palette to be judged by people way better than me.


The first goal would require that I have a painted army whereas the second goal only requires a couple of painted minis and even though I’m still painting minis each requires a different process and mindset.  When it comes to painting an army, I am working on a large scale, which means working on multiple models in tandem (the colloquial assembly line method of painting). Whereas the capital palette entries will require all of my focus on only one or two miniatures at most. As such, what techniques I use, what is considered acceptable work, and how much time is invested is different for each project. I’m not going to spend an hour glazing and blending highlights and shadows on a single space marine when there are 30 more I have to get done. As such that level of attention to detail is reserved for the Capital Palette entries where my mini is going to scrutinized from every angle possible and by multiple very talented minipainters.

So there we have it, our course is set and off we go on this journey that I may or may not regret come labor day of 2019. So I hope you join me on this little adventure into the wild blue yonder of painting miniatures and who knows, maybe we’ll learn a thing or two.

Till Next Time

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