Month: January 2021

  • Hobby Progress: Outrider Squad Numero Dos

    Hobby Progress: Outrider Squad Numero Dos

    After I finished the Eradicators I went straight to work on my second Outrider squad but not because I needed it for my Dark Angels army. I started working on them because they were starting to really annoy me. I had bought them as loose sprues from an Indomitus set that was being sold piecemeal…

  • Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    Hobby Progress: DA Eradicators

    So November (and most of December)came and went without anything happening on this piece of internet real estate but despite the many trials and tribulations work has wrought upon me in that time I made sure to keep my hobby mojo going and I plan to start the new year strong. In regards to my…