Month: April 2019

  • Road To Capital Palette: Pt.1 Choosing my Entry

    Road To Capital Palette: Pt.1 Choosing my Entry

    With most of my army painted I have now transitioned to basically full competition painting mode. However, having never painted for a competition before I knew I couldn’t just wing it the way I have been with the minis I painted for army; I needed to have a plan. And one of the first things…

  • Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    So I finished up the Ravenwing Talonmaster pretty quickly, in fact it was so much faster than my normal snail’s pace that I didn’t take any work in progress photos. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not not going to bore you with all the notes I have about this guy. So one of the biggest…