So November (and most of December)came and went without anything happening on this piece of internet real estate but despite the many trials and tribulations work has wrought upon me in that time I made sure to keep my hobby mojo going and I plan to start the new year strong. In regards to my […]

So shortly before I finished the Invictor I completed my first Forgeword unit, the Deredeo Dreadnought with Anvilus Autocannon and Aiolos Missile Launcher (that’s a lot of dakka). This project was interesting because I decided to paint this unit in the colors of the Deathwing which is a paint scheme consisting of a bone colored […]

So February has been rough because that is just how life is sometime but that doesn’t mean I stop painting….I just do it even slower than normal. That being said I actually did two things finished the first being a Phobos Lieutenant for my Dark Angels army. So I decided to propose a little painting […]