All Out War Pt.4: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Gun

As time moves inexorably forward so does the mustering of the Nova Albions. As I begin to recoup my painting mojo after rough couple of months I tackle the All Out War Challenge with greater fervor than before.

Early in July I tackled the heavy weapon teams by first scrounging around my bits to find the right size base to glue the last two guardsmen and their weapon to and then proceeded to apply Vallejo texture paste to all the heavy weapon teams. Once the texture paste was dried I then proceeded to bust out the airbrush to prime and zenithal highlight the heavy weapon teams as well as all four of the Leman Russ battle tanks. I let everything alone for a bit to cure and then airbrushed on a basecoat of Zamesi desert on all four heavy weapon teams and two of the tanks

The weekend after that had me waking up far earlier than I was accustomed to on a Saturday morning in order to pick up two Detolf glass cabinets from a Warhammer buddy who longer needed them. I then spent most of the morning assembling said cabinets and promptly used them to house the Nova Albions as well as other WIP projects in order to clear my work bench and recover some much needed breathing room. With that out the way I began to do what I did with every Nova Albion and block in all the colors.

I won’t bore you with the details because the scheme is still completely unaltered and if you still insist on it then you can read it in more detail here. The only trouble I had was that since the models were pre-assembled for me I had a hell of time trying to reach certain spots with my brush. In particular the area in between their legs was difficult because the weapon they were crewing generally got in my way. Nonetheless I did the best I could.

With these guys done I am now in the home stretch for this project with only the four tanks left to do. With two of them already basecoated I only really have one real problem I need to figure out which how to do the camo stripes you would desert tanks such as the ones found on Tallarn vehicles. But luckily there seem to be plenty of resources concerning this particular subject.

reference photo for the Nova Albion tanks

With any luck this army will be done come the end of August and I’ll be free to pursue other projects, namely my Dark Angels and maybe a commission piece or two for some hero characters for local D&D players.

Till Next Time.

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