All Out War Pt 2.5: Mustering is Slow Business

So the muster of the Nova Albions is slow going but going nonetheless. So I figured I would pop in and give a quick update on how that little project is doing. Thankfully, the work I put in at the beginning with the scheme has made it so that the short bursts of painting I get done are efficient and thus I get a decent amount done.

As you can there isn’t much left to do on these guardsmen. The main things I have to do is touch up the mahogany on all the mask, touch up or fill in any bits of metallic details and edge highlight the armor a little bit. So two more sessions should see me finishing up this squad of guardsman. After that I have one more ten man squad and that would be it for mass infantry. I can then tackle the four tanks and the heavy weapon squads but if I can get through those then this project would be complete.

Hopefully finishing up this little project will help get some of my mojo back and I am pretty confident it will.

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