All Out War Pt.2: The Commissariat Have Arrived

Painting has come only in short bursts for me as I try to not burn myself out on the hobby. Luckily for me the All Out War challenge on the minipainting discord has been doing well; so well that the mods decided to throw us a bone and make the March challenge a little easier. All we had to do was paint one HQ unit from our list and we would get our bonus points. With a firm goal in mind I set out to paint not just one but both of the HQ units from the Nova Albions; the Commissariat has arrived.

In order to keep it in the same vein as the guardsmen, the paint job had to be simple and straightforward. However, considering this was one of the HQ units who would lead this army I figured adding some extra detail would only be fitting. So in order to add a little extra panache to the mini I painted all the gold trim on the coat, shirt and sash as well as all the shoulder tassels using my standard Scale 75 Necro Gold. The silver and steel metallics were all done using different paints in order to make each one more distinct. The sword was done in Vallejo Gunmetal while the chain, pistol and mask were done in Scale 75 Black Metal. The prosthetic arm was done in Scale 75 Thrash metal with a light blue wash to tint it and define some more detail. The red was done using the newer paints in my arsenal, Pro-acryl burnt red with a highlight of Pro-acryl pyrrole red. When layered up from burnt red to pyrrole red, the paint covers pretty well and gives a nice distinct red without too much fussing about. The plasma coil was done by painting it white followed with an Aethermatic Blue contrast wash.

The skin on the left hand was the standard Bugman’s glow into Cadian flesh tone work up. The base was done the same way as the guardsmen with the only difference being the hero rock he’s standing on. The rock was done with Vallejo Cavalry brown mixed with a bit of ivory and then drybrushed with Zamesi desert in order to tie it in with the rest of the base. Then to tie it all together, I applied a diluted black was to al the metallics, making sure that it did not pool anywhere too much and stain it.

Apologies for the word vomit but even though it was a simple paint job there were still several elements to it.

Till next time my wayward compadres.

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