All Out War Pt.3: The Infantry Take To The Field

June was a pretty bad month for me as a kidney stone added a layer of pain and discomfort to everything I did. There were still a few days where I was able to get some meaningful hobby work done and after my medical malady had passed I was able to make a last ditch effort to finish a squad of guardsmen before the month ended. This means that despite my growing older and having my body betray me I was still able to get those sweet bonus points for the Minipainting Discord army painting challenge. The painting process is exactly the same as it was for the for the first two squads of guardsmen and if you want a refresher you can check it out here.

With these two squads finished that means that all the infantry models are now complete. That’s right, I was able to paint up 42 individual infantry models and it only took me six months to do it. All that’s left for the army are the four Leman Russ battle tanks and the four heavy weapon squads. And at the time of writing this those models are already based, primed and zenithally highlighted so things are looking good.

With my hobby mojo coming back I decided to put my gear acquisition disorder to some use. I plan to start reviewing some of the tools, paints and minis I’ve acquired over the last couple of years because what better way to justify adding to my pile of shame than to farm content.

Till Next Time

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