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  • WIP: Dark Talon

    WIP: Dark Talon

    So I’m still alive but only barely as Papa Nurgle has seen fit to bless me with a raspy throat and difficulty breathing. Nonetheless, I trudged forward and put a ton of work into the Ravenwing Dark Talon. Since the beginning of October I not only cleaned and assembled the Dark Talon I’m almost done […]

  • Road to Capital Palette Pt. 4: Smooth Buttery Blends

    Road to Capital Palette Pt. 4: Smooth Buttery Blends

    I’m writing this after Nova and the Capital Palette had already ended but I’m pretty sure it would feel weird to just jump from base coats to a finished project in this series, so I’ll keep this brief The majority of my time was spent blending the blue on the armor. I had already put […]

  • Road to Capital Palette Pt. 3: All your Base Coats

    Road to Capital Palette     Pt. 3: All your Base Coats

    So apparently monthly blog posts seem to be more my speed especially considering my ever changing schedule. Regardless, at the time of writing this Nova is only 13 days away for me and I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation and actual work on my piece. However, I don’t want to skip parts of the […]

  • WIP: Jump Pack Master Pt. 2

    WIP: Jump Pack Master Pt. 2

    A quick update on the this guy, he’s essentialy 95% finished. I just need to do the blends on the power axe to give it that power weapon feel. Other than that the only other thing I can do really is some more edge highlighting on various armor parts and maybe a little drybrushing on […]

  • WIP: Jump Pack Master

    Just a quick update on the Jump Pack Master for my Dark Angel Army. I was able to get some base coats on for several things ( there were a lot of metallics on this guy). Need to go back and clean up some of it, in particular the shin armor where some of the […]

  • WIP: Dark Angel Inceptors

    Here we are at the end of 2018 and although I’m not quite keeping up with the progress of my army, progress is nonetheless is being made. So above is the most complete inceptor I have done so far, but as with all things I have learned a few things while working on these guys. […]

  • WIP: Dark Angels Army

    Greetings and salutations. So I was finally able to touch a paint brush this weekend and was able to get some progress in on my Dark Angels army. And considering finishing this army is one of my major goals I figured I should document where I am at this moment in my journey. Just to […]