WIP: Dark Angel Inceptors

Here we are at the end of 2018 and although I’m not quite keeping up with the progress of my army, progress is nonetheless is being made.

So above is the most complete inceptor I have done so far, but as with all things I have learned a few things while working on these guys. Taking what I learned from the scouts I repainted the metallics on the weapons using Scale 75 Black metal and use P3 Skorne red to paint the red on the weapons as well. The blue on the plasma is just VMC Dark Prussian Blue, done in preparation to do the coils properly via Vince Venturella’s Plasma coil video

From this point on is where I start experimenting a little bit with the plan I had originally employed with the scouts. The scouts were highlighted using Scale 75 Irati Green, which a bright, saturated green. Looking at it I thought that it would be too intense so I mixed a bit of white into my base color of Misfits Green and used that to start. I quickly realized that it was similar to VGC Intermediate green and used that to edge highlight the inceptor above. I’ll push the highlight further using Irati Green in strategic locations.

The wash I used on the metallics is something I’m experimenting on with different models. I tested Secret Weapon Miniatures Soft Body black and a homemade soft body black wash using Les’ Wash Recipe.  The homemade wash is surprisingly effective and will probably be my go to wash for large projects like vehicles and buildings and once I understand it’s properties better may even be my normal go to wash for all things (and its it’s fairly cost efficient to make)

The last thing I did was use the airbrush to make a glow effect on the thrusters. Pretty simple task of laying down VMC Prussian blue first followed by a 2:1 mix of Prussian Blue and Off-White and then painting on a an dot of VMC Off-White in the center. I need to work on my airbrush skills before I can make a small dot like that confidently.

I hope to finish these guys by mid January, including their bases and how to magnetize them (thank you Magnet Baron for having pretty much what I need). Hopefully I’m not sidetracked by the other thing I’m doing which I may or may not make a post about.

Till next time my wayward compadres

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