Road to Capital Palette Pt. 4: Smooth Buttery Blends

I’m writing this after Nova and the Capital Palette had already ended but I’m pretty sure it would feel weird to just jump from base coats to a finished project in this series, so I’ll keep this brief

The majority of my time was spent blending the blue on the armor. I had already put down a basecoat of VMC Dark Prussian blue but I didn’t have a plan on how to highlight up from there. So I did some tests using my spare Joan figure using a variety of blues from different brands. I eventually landed on using Scale 75 Mediterranean Blue with a highlight of Mediterranean Blue mixed with white.

When it comes to blending I’ve settled on a sketch style painting. This is where I will block in the shadow, mid tone, and highlight colors first and then blend those areas using glazes of an intermediate color. Using a medium or thinner really helps if you want to get smooth blends because you can get really thin glazes without the paint breaking down.

The reds were done using the red set from Andrea Colors. Getting the highlight colors was difficult and honestly there isn’t that much contrast, but that’s something to figure out for the future

That’s all I’ve got for now, the next post will be the end of this little journey and I’ll have a full breakdown of Joan there as well as everything I learned from Nova in terms of painting.

Till next time my wayward companions.

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