WIP: Dark Angels Army

Greetings and salutations. So I was finally able to touch a paint brush this weekend and was able to get some progress in on my Dark Angels army. And considering finishing this army is one of my major goals I figured I should document where I am at this moment in my journey. Just to note a small portion of my army hasn’t been assembled or primed, and what I do have is in sub-assemblies for ease of access.

Using an airbrush I primed with Stynylrez Black followed up with zenithal highlights using Stynylrez White. Then a basecoat of Scale 75 Misfits Green was applied with spot highlights of Army painter Greenskin and Goblin Green.

Scout group

So as it stands my scouts are the one nearest completion. Their chest Aquila is finished and the base colors for their cloth sections are done. All that’s left is painting the leather, their visors, the red on the weapons followed by some edge highlighting and whatever other details I feel like adding in. However, because these are much older sculpts it’s been something of a slog to get through.



The Hellblasters are next on the docket after the scouts. As you can see not much has been done but since they wear power armor there is no cloth to paint so it should be a quicker process than the scouts. The major points I need to do are the weapons, the glow on the plasma, eyes, chapter symbol, the underarmor, and the backpack. Also, since they’re one of the newer sculpts in the GW range it should be relatively simple to pick out details and make them look nice.


The Plasma Inceptors are about the same level as the Hellblasters. They have a few more little details such as the cables for their plasma and the jump pack is going to require some more work relative to the Hellblasters backpack.

primaris ancient

The Primaris Ancient is also on the same level as the Hellblasters and Inceptors in terms of amount of work done. However, I intend on spending a decent amount of time on the banner as it is such large piece and will definitely catch peoples attention. I will work on this after I finish up the large blobs of scouts and Hellblasters.

jump captain

The jump pack Captain has only the airbrush work and a couple of basecoats done (metallics on boltgun and zandri dust on purity seals). This is also another piece I intend to devote some extra time to as it one of the HQ choices and a centerpiece of the army. It has a very dynamic pose and third party jump pack (jetpack from Anvil Industries) which will make it a very fun mini to paint so I don’t mind putting in the extra work.


Last up is the Predator tank…which only has a basecoat done. The lascannon sponsons were airbrushed red but nothing else has been done. Also, the basecoat here isn’t even that great because I discovered that airbrushing a large object is actually more difficult than airbrushing a regular mini….I will probably leave this for last.

Corner of Shame

So not pictured here is a Dark Shroud and a lieutenant which have only been assembled, which is still better than the Supreme Grandmaster Azrael who is still sitting in pieces on my work area. Also, about half of all the Dragonforge bases I got for this army are still sitting unprimed in their packaging…..this is going to be a long journey.

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