WIP: Jump Pack Master

Just a quick update on the Jump Pack Master for my Dark Angel Army. I was able to get some base coats on for several things ( there were a lot of metallics on this guy). Need to go back and clean up some of it, in particular the shin armor where some of the gold spilled over.

I need to strengthen the edge highlight because there aren’t many hard edges on the armor and the photo is a bit overexposed so the effect is kind of lost there. The biggest challenge will be power axe as I have every intention of doing a sort of nmm transition for a power weapon effect. I will probably have to airbrush for the sake of time and alos figure out where those transitions and highlights will be on the axe head which is an irregular shape.

Hopefully I can get him done this weekend and also finish assembling my Ravenwing Talonmaster so that the majority of my army for the Nova Open Narrative is complete.

Well that was it, more will come soon so till next time.

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