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  • Hobby Progress: Indomitus Outriders

    Hobby Progress: Indomitus Outriders

    Painting black is one of those colors that may seem easy but in actuality it’s quite difficult to pull off well if you don’t have a solid understanding of color theory and light. One problem lies in the fact that as far as light is concerned black should only be reserved for your deepest shadows, […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Infiltrators

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Infiltrators

    Despite my recent lack of activity I can assure that I am still quite alive and active. I have several articles in the pipeline ready to go as I plan to close out 2020 strong. That being said I have a lot of things to say about these infiltrators, both good and bad. This project […]

  • Showcase: Dark Talon

    Showcase: Dark Talon

    In record time I finished this Dark Talon in a little under three weeks from start to finish. Unfortunately I did not take many photos during the painting process apart from the ones I did for the previous post which is a shame because I tried out a lot of different ideas and techniques. One […]

  • Showcase: Dark Angels Hellblasters

    Showcase: Dark Angels Hellblasters

    So I finally finished these Hellblasters that I started about a year ago. That’s right, these guys have been sitting on my workbench basecoated and highlight for almost a year. I could tell they’ve been there that long because the metallic paint that was on them was P3 Pig iron, a paint I stopped using […]

  • Road to Capital Palette Pt. 5: Journey’s End

    Road to Capital Palette Pt. 5: Journey’s End

    It’s been quite a year so this post is gonna be lengthy, so grab a drink and strap in for this one. As i’m writing this it hasn’t even been a week since I came home from the Nova Open and participated in the Capital Palette and boy was it a roller coaster of emotions. […]

  • Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    So I finished up the Ravenwing Talonmaster pretty quickly, in fact it was so much faster than my normal snail’s pace that I didn’t take any work in progress photos. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not not going to bore you with all the notes I have about this guy. So one of the biggest […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Plasma Inceptors (aka Glowy Fly Boys)

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Plasma Inceptors (aka Glowy Fly Boys)

    It’s 2019 and here I am squeezing out a post just before January ends, what a way to start a new year in minpainting. Anyway, I finally finished the Plasma Inceptor Squad for my Dark Angels and overall I’m quite pleased. In an earlier post I said that I would attempt something new or practice […]


    It’s been awhile but that’s just how life is sometimes. However, progress has been made and I finally finished up the other two squads of scouts. Although I still need to make 3 more regular bolter scouts I can safely say I wouldn’t feel bad moving on to something else for a while. That being […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Scout Squad

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Scout Squad

    Finally finished one Dark Angels Scout squad and boy was it a journey for me. They are more than ready for the tabletop but the perfectionist in me can’t help but notice the thousand things I could have done better or different. But like I said in my first post, agonizing over every detail isn’t […]