scouts squad 2-1 done

It’s been awhile but that’s just how life is sometimes. However, progress has been made and I finally finished up the other two squads of scouts. Although I still need to make 3 more regular bolter scouts I can safely say I wouldn’t feel bad moving on to something else for a while. That being said I would like to reflect on that I did with these scouts since I changed up a few things from the first squad.

scouts squad 2-3 done

The biggest change I made was how the red was done. If you look closely at the heavy bolter and even the regular boltguns, the paint job is a bit smoother and the color just a little bit more consistent. That is because I transitioned to using P3 Skorne Red, which is probably my new favorite red paint because it has amazing coverage. With the first squad I had to start with Hull Red and then build up brighter and brighter layers of red. While effective I am not proficient enough to do it as quickly or as smoothly as I would like, but with Skorne Red I can go cover the Hull Red base in just a couple of thin layers.

Another change was switching from P3 Pig Iron to Scale 75 Black Metal. The reason being is that the Scale 75 Black Metal has finer metallic pigmentation than the Pig Iron resulting in smoother looking metallics.  Also, it has a bit a blue tinge to it which I personally find more pleasing aesthetically.

I messed with different grays for the edge highlights on the black parts. I tried darker grays like Citadel Eshin gray all the way to light blue grays like Vallejo Wolf Gray. I couldn’t quite nail down the color I liked and also couldn’t quite figure out where to appropriately highlight for best effect. This is going to be an ongoing process for me and hopefully I can figure it out for when I do my Deathwatch force, although it doesn’t help that I continuously do dark paint schemes where it is more difficult to achieve decent contrast.

Overall I’m fairly happy with the paint job and would feel good seeing it on the tabletop. At the time of writing this I am having some trouble with motivation but I’ll continue to power through; I might do a quick fantasy mini or piece of terrain to switch it up and rejuvenate myself. But the clock is ticking and I’m going to have to start working on my Capital Palette pieces soon.

Till next time.

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