Showcase: Dark Angels Hellblasters

So I finally finished these Hellblasters that I started about a year ago. That’s right, these guys have been sitting on my workbench basecoated and highlight for almost a year. I could tell they’ve been there that long because the metallic paint that was on them was P3 Pig iron, a paint I stopped using late last year.

I don’t have too much to say because the paint scheme is that same as my intercessors with the plasma being done in a fashion similar to my Inceptors. However, I will say that I did not really enjoy finishing them at all. It was a real slog to get them done and I think that is because my reason for doing them was to get them off my work table and free up space. I wasn’t painting them because I planned on fielding them as part of my army, or to try a new paint scheme, or do a new technique…they were just taking up space and I found it annoying. So unsurprisingly my heart just wasn’t in it and thus there were a few mistakes done along the way

I did not put a lot of effort into edge highlighting the armor or the gun, so the models don’t really pop the way my others do. Also, if you look closely some of the Hellblasters are at slightly weird angles on their bases because I couldn’t be bothered to find a better position for them. Probably the only thing I enjoyed doing was the tiny NMM I did on the sword emblem on the Sergeant.

However, I did learn one thing and it was that my paint scheme is pretty robust. What I mean is that even though I had to drag myself to finish these models, the paint scheme is still simple enough that as long as I plug away at it, they will still turn out ok enough to stand alongside my better models just fine.

Now that I cleared a decent chunk of real estate on my work table I can now get started on all my terrain that it still packaged up as well as my entries for the Jersey Devil this December (more on that later). In other words, I can finally start doing some fun projects.

Till next time my wayward compadres.

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