• Road To Capital Palette: Pt.2 Prep and Planning

    Road To Capital Palette: Pt.2 Prep and Planning

    Now that I have my mini, I’m ready to clean her up and slap some paint on….if only it was that simple. I’m well aware of my shortcomings as a minipainter; I would put myself at an intermediate level of painting skill, and that’s being a bit generous. So before I go messing up this […]

  • Road To Capital Palette: Pt.1 Choosing my Entry

    Road To Capital Palette: Pt.1 Choosing my Entry

    With most of my army painted I have now transitioned to basically full competition painting mode. However, having never painted for a competition before I knew I couldn’t just wing it the way I have been with the minis I painted for army; I needed to have a plan. And one of the first things […]

  • Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    Hobby Progress: Ravenwing Talonmaster

    So I finished up the Ravenwing Talonmaster pretty quickly, in fact it was so much faster than my normal snail’s pace that I didn’t take any work in progress photos. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not not going to bore you with all the notes I have about this guy. So one of the biggest […]

  • WIP: Jump Pack Master Pt. 2

    WIP: Jump Pack Master Pt. 2

    A quick update on the this guy, he’s essentialy 95% finished. I just need to do the blends on the power axe to give it that power weapon feel. Other than that the only other thing I can do really is some more edge highlighting on various armor parts and maybe a little drybrushing on […]

  • Mo Terrain, Mo Problems

    Mo Terrain, Mo Problems

    So way back in January, I eked out a blog post on the last day of the month. And if the title of this post is any indication it was because I was distracted putting together all the terrain I got from Frontline Gaming during their Black Friday sale. I got a lot of things […]

  • WIP: Jump Pack Master

    Just a quick update on the Jump Pack Master for my Dark Angel Army. I was able to get some base coats on for several things ( there were a lot of metallics on this guy). Need to go back and clean up some of it, in particular the shin armor where some of the […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Plasma Inceptors (aka Glowy Fly Boys)

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Plasma Inceptors (aka Glowy Fly Boys)

    It’s 2019 and here I am squeezing out a post just before January ends, what a way to start a new year in minpainting. Anyway, I finally finished the Plasma Inceptor Squad for my Dark Angels and overall I’m quite pleased. In an earlier post I said that I would attempt something new or practice […]

  • WIP: Dark Angel Inceptors

    Here we are at the end of 2018 and although I’m not quite keeping up with the progress of my army, progress is nonetheless is being made. So above is the most complete inceptor I have done so far, but as with all things I have learned a few things while working on these guys. […]


    It’s been awhile but that’s just how life is sometimes. However, progress has been made and I finally finished up the other two squads of scouts. Although I still need to make 3 more regular bolter scouts I can safely say I wouldn’t feel bad moving on to something else for a while. That being […]

  • Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Scout Squad

    Hobby Progress: Dark Angel Scout Squad

    Finally finished one Dark Angels Scout squad and boy was it a journey for me. They are more than ready for the tabletop but the perfectionist in me can’t help but notice the thousand things I could have done better or different. But like I said in my first post, agonizing over every detail isn’t […]