Hobby Progress: DA Intercessors

So it’s been a couple of months since I’ve written here. I got married, had my honeymoon, survived a terrible couple of weeks at work and now have cute new kitty who is far too playful. Regardless, I kept plugging away at my Dark Angels Army and I now have 1000 pts ready for Nova!

Since I was in a bit of a rough place when doing these guys, I had to push myself pretty hard to get any work done. To help the process I decided to experiment with these models in order to keep my energy and interest up throughout the process.

Taking a page from The Mighty Brush I decided to apply a thinned down wash of Biel Tan green all over. The reason I haven’t done this before was because a prevoius test resulted in some nasty tide marks but thinning it down and being a little more judicious in application helped that alot. There was still some tide marking but thats because I went in one thick coat, next time I’ll use less and apply two thin coats .

I also tried using different colors for the edge highlights, specifically Duck Green from Vallejo. The effect was a bit too bright for my liking and seemed to stand out in an almost garish way. and just went back to using Vallejo Intermediate Green.

There was one fairly annoying complication and that was the arms. I had used Blu-Tac to keep the arms on during priming and basecoating so that I can move them later for easy access to the chest aquilla (which I had to paint lines rather than drybrush because for the life of me I couldn’t do it properly). But gluing them back on was such a pain I was tempted to thrown a mini across the room at one point. I’m not sure how to improve on this other than do it when I’m in a better headspace.

Another thing I tried differently was to paint the under armor a dark blue grey color and then use a thinned down black wash over it. The effect was pretty good and helped break up the armor in a novel way that wasn’t just black with eshin grey highlights.

Near the end I was feeling pretty adventurous and attempted to use pigments to weather one marine. I had tried using vallejo pigments using an old brush and also applying it with their pigment binder. Let’s just say I should have probably done some research before attempting this. The effect was haphazard and sloppy, it looked like he had walked through wet kitty litter; luckily I was able to clean most of it up and move one.

Now that the Dark Angels army is done for now, I can wholly focus on my competition piece for the Capital Palette. If anyone reading this has been following my instagram, I have been doing a lot of nmm practice on a metal mini from Reaper as well has skin and blond hair practice. If I can keep this up I should have Jeanne in a presentable state by Nova.

Till next time my wayward compadres.

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