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  • Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me

    Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me

    Now that I am fully back into the minipainting swing of things I decided to take a little detour and work on a commission that a local D&D DM had given me to work on. I had done a previous job for him which was a pirate beholder that he seemed pleased with and thus…

  • The blog was good, but it can be better

    The blog was good, but it can be better

    I have been on a slight hiatus lately from painting and blogging as I’ve been in kind of a rut and just needed a change of pace. I still kept coming to my painting station in order to work on a couple of commissions here and there but overall I was focusing on other things…

  • Hobby Progress: Phobos Lieutenant

    Hobby Progress: Phobos Lieutenant

    So February has been rough because that is just how life is sometime but that doesn’t mean I stop painting….I just do it even slower than normal. That being said I actually did two things finished the first being a Phobos Lieutenant for my Dark Angels army. So I decided to propose a little painting…