Mo Terrain, Mo Problems

So way back in January, I eked out a blog post on the last day of the month. And if the title of this post is any indication it was because I was distracted putting together all the terrain I got from Frontline Gaming during their Black Friday sale. I got a lot of things during the 2018 Black Friday sale and my wallet was not happy with me. One of the biggest items I got was the ITC Standard Urban set with mat as well as some other buildings in order to flesh out a 6×4 foot table.

I have never really built terrain before, so as per usual I did quite a bit of research first before attempting anything. And the two sources I relied on the most (for assembly at least) was Black Magic Craft and the Terrain Tutor.

The biggest challenge for me was my own impatience; the preferred method for gluing is usually a PVA glue but that takes a while to dry. So I opted to use super glue instead and there are two things to note when using super glue. First is that you don’t have a lot of working time so you have to be sure you’re putting the right piece, in the right place, and in the right orientation. Second if you use too much then it will ooze out and it doesn’t dry super smooth or clear.

However, it drastically cuts down on work time which is really good when you want to host a game day at your place for a bunch of fools and need terrain to play with.

Afforementioned fools and me, you can guess which one is me

I still have the cold front set from Black Sheep Industries waiting to be assembled because one miniatures wargame isn’t enough for me apparently and I’m delving into Corvus Belli’s Infinity. But that’s an adventure that will have to wait.

Till next time my wayward compadres

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